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Welcome To Hawaii Bali

Hotel - Villa - Restaurant - Spa - Souvenir

By presenting the concept of ONE STOP BALI EXPERIENCE, Hawaii Bali Group tries to fulfill your needs of enjoying vacation when you are in Bali. In one area on Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai we have:

1.Hawaii Bali Oleh-Oleh
With the concept of mall atmosphere with traditional market price, you can get a variety of excellent souvenirs at the best price.
2.Hawai Bali Hotel
With unique beach designed room, will increase your comfort in staying.
3. Hawaii Bali Mart
Open 24 hours, provide all your need while you stay
4.Hawaii Bali Restaurant
Restaurant with unique design and various menus to match your taste.
5.Hawaii Bali Spa
Beach design in every room and professional therapists make you feel relaxed her spa with comfortable beachside atmosphere.
5.Balinese Costume
We also provide photos with balinese costumes and get other interesting packages from us.

Hawaii Bali - Hotel & Villa

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